The Carrier Inverter Split Wall Mounted | 42QHA036VSN | 3.0 ton is a ductless split air conditioner that is perfect for cooling large rooms. It has a cooling capacity of 36,000 BTU, which is enough to cool a room up to 675 square feet.

Here are some of the key features of the Carrier Inverter Split Wall Mounted | 42QHA036VSN | 3.0 ton:

  • 3.0-ton cooling capacity
  • DC inverter compressor: This type of compressor is more efficient than a conventional compressor and provides better energy savings.
  • Golden fin condenser: This helps to improve heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Powerful Jet Cool mode: This mode provides quick and powerful cooling when you need it most.
  • Good Sleep mode: This mode adjusts the settings of the air conditioner to save energy while you sleep.
  • Auto restart: This feature automatically restarts the air conditioner if it loses power.
  • Anti-bacterial filter: This filter helps to remove bacteria and allergens from the air.
  • Self-cleaning function: This function helps to keep the air conditioner clean and free of bacteria.
  • 4-Way Airflow: This feature allows you to direct the airflow in four directions, so you can cool the room evenly.
  • Wall-mounted design: This allows the air conditioner to be installed in the wall, so it is not visible.
  • SEER rating of 12.1

The Carrier Inverter Split Wall Mounted | 42QHA036VSN | 3.0 ton is backed by a 1-year warranty on all parts and a 5-year warranty on the compressor. It is a good option for those looking for an efficient and affordable ductless split air conditioner for large rooms.

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3.0 Ton

Country of Origin

United States of America


1 Year Full and 5 Years Compressor Warranty by Manufacturer


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